About Piano Bar Poison

Drink-and-Play at Piano Bar POISON

Piano Bar Poison – the place in the center of Sofia, where entertainment has become a piece of art.

Situated in the heart of the capital Sofia, nightclub Poison was established by artistic enthusiasts who love good music and welcoming atmosphere.

This is the place where you can listen to old and modern live music every night. You can dance, laugh, sing and have a drink with your friends. Come with your mates, with your loved one or on your own – and don’t worry as you can always find new friends here. Don’t be surprised if you come upon some Bulgarian or world celebrities in the bar. Bear no grudge! They also love having fun!

Location: In the heart of Sofia – 11 A Aksakov Street, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

The bar is only a minute’s walk from the Parliament, “Crystal” park and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridksi” Rectorat. There is no better place for you to start your evening in the center of Sofia and it is guaranteed that Piano Bar POISON is the coolest spot to party all night until 5 in the morning or as we say “at day break”.

Piano Bar Poison is the brain child of two people: NASKO LYAPCHEV, a member of the band D’Arts, a musician and a songwriter and KATINA, who is a graduate of Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, where she specialized in the opera-singing class of Professor Valentina Aleksandrova. Katina is also a lecturer at Sofia University and the National School of Music “Lyubomir Pipkov” and an owner of a Singing school for children. “We have been performing in the USA, Germany and Switzerland and also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India. We’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with and to perform for a range of different celebrities like Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield, Herbert Gronemeyer, David Hasselhoff , Lionel Richie.”

Piano Bar Poison is the singing heart of Sofia!

All lovers of nightlife, live music and real fun in a pleasant atmosphere are always welcome! We have regular visitors from the Bulgarian and world entertainment business, famous social and public figures. Some of our famous guests have included Cuba Gooding Jr, John Cusack, Billy Gould, a musician, a producer and the bassist of Faith No More, David Harbour – an American actor who stars in the series Stranger Things, Les Weldon, a writer and a film producer, Diana Lyubenova, Dimitar Kovachev – Funky, MILENA, Stanimir Gamov, Dimo Aleksiev, Yoana Bukovska-Davidova, Lyuben Dilov – son, Tsvetanka Rizova and many more dear guests.

With us on stage is Joro Nizamov from the TV show “Kato dve kapki voda” and one real X Factor Bulgaria performer – Kristina Doncheva. We’ve also had in our Piano Bar Deep Zone Project, Vasil Naydenov, Milena, Dicho, Cherno fereje, Rosi Ruseva&Joro Stoev, Viktoria Kuprina and many more.

All our visitors have the chance to grab the microphone and sing with us.

We passionately perform a rich and diverse repertoire – from classical BG and Russian popular music to AC/DC, Rammstein and surely the top modern and popular hits. Our team consists of people who are not only real professionals but are also artistic, creative and great fun.

Our bartenders are bottle wizards, cocktail masters or just in a few words – Heart and Soul Healers!!!

If you want to hear, see or touch one of the richest guitar collections in Bulgaria, you can do it in Piano Bar Poison.

Our bars are key-shaped with lots of lights. Our customers are invited to take part in a performance or play the musical instruments and add to the high spirits of the bar.

There is a VIP bar-royal in the middle of the club, with high bars around and stools, for those who love dancing. We also have separate areas for bigger or smaller groups of people or those seeking a romantic highway.

For the karaoke special evenings, there is a video wall, which also allows you to organize thematic evenings, presentations, degustation or team-building events.

The club sound is of high quality and very professional.

Special offers and services

>> If you wish to order catering, please contact us in advance;

>> A cloakroom, air-conditioning and a ventilation system;

>> Special wine discount;

>> On Wednesdays and Thursdays – from 20 to 40% discount;

>> For those who register first on the Facebook page of the bar @Piano Bar Poison, they will receive “a shot” as a gift;

>> For those who sing at the karaoke nights will get two “shots” as a gift;

>> We also organize family and personal parties, birthday parties and private events;

>> VIP Poison club cards for all-year-round discounts;


- Every Wednesday – Karaoke night with fine spirits brands promotions;

- Every Thursday – Live Music with KATINA and a promotion of a bottle of fine spirits/liquors;

- On Fridays and Saturdays – Sing with KATINA and her band D'arts. Each bottle of alcohol has a 10 % discount;

The aim of the bar is to show you that we are not a typical Piano Bar, but a place to find friends and have a good time.

For reservations and all other information, please call 0877 764 766 or EMAIL us: PIANOBARPOISON@ABV.BG